GEOTECHNICS is an Athens, Greece based engineering firm offering services that cover all aspects of geotechnical engineering. Founded in 2018 by Isidoros – Nikolaos Sarantinos, GEOTECHNICS showcases a portfolio of projects spanning various sectors (e.g., renewable energy, marine, residential, transportation etc.). GEOTECHNICS team consists of a versatile group of highly qualified engineering professionals with studies in Greek and UK universities, who have earned their stripes from various infrastructure projects located in Greece, Cyprus, the Balkans, the Middle-East and the UK. GEOTECHNICS can be involved in any stage of a project, providing specialized geotechnical services ranging from site investigation & design to risk analysis & consulting.

Short bio

Isidoros – Nikolaos Sarantinos holds a civil engineering diploma (M.Eng.) from the National Technical University of Athens (2009) and a post-graduate diploma (M.Sc.) in geotechnical engineering (2011) from the same institution. Since the beginning of his career, he has been involved in over 100 onshore and offshore projects of various scales and complexity, providing geotechnical engineering and consulting services. As of 2018, he is the managing partner of “Geotechnics” based in Athens, Greece, leading a versatile group of experienced professionals in the geotechnical sector. An avid marathoner in his leisure time, going the “extra mile” to deliver a Project successfully, has become second nature to him.

Our Philosophy

Our main philosophy is to combine good and value engineering in every Project we are involved with. Experience has shown that the two principles of a successful design is safety and cost-efficiency; thus, we always put our expertise to the test in order to provide sound solutions in accordance with the current Regulations and Standards with a view to keeping the costs relatively low.

We offer high quality engineering / consulting services in the geotechnical field,

to our Clientele consisting of investors, construction companies, engineering design firms and the public sector, through a specialized, relatively small and highly flexible scheme. By working closely with our Clients, we seek to keep engineering as simple as possible while focusing on their goals, remaining open to their questions about the geotechnical process and informing them on the importance of this field of work.

Our Projects span many sectors; from residential buildings and industrial infrastructure to marine works and tunnels, however, one can easily notice that the renewable energy sector has a big share in our portfolio. We enthusiastically participate in Projects such as wind farms and solar parks, recognizing that we apply our practice to something that has multiple benefits to the environment (sustainability, low carbon footprint and maintenance cost).

Further to the above, we apply a green policy trying to reduce our environmental impact both out in the field and in-office; we are in favor of geophysical engineering methods for site investigation instead of drilling boreholes, whenever applicable, while we try to minimize office power consumption and paper printing to an absolute minimum.